Treasures of India box

Embark on a journey to discover the culinary treasures of India with Bretzel and Gretel !

Bretzel and Gretel takes you to the land of vibrant colors and surprising flavors with their new "Treasures of India" collection, featuring delicious chocolate-covered pretzels infused with unique combinations.

Box details:

  • Dark Chocolate & Rose Rooh Afza
  • White Chocolate & Cashew/Pistachio
  • Milk Chocolate & Rose Rooh Afza
  • Dulcey Chocolate & Cardamom
  • Milk Chocolate & Cashew/Pistachio
  • Ruby Chocolate & Rose Rooh Afza
  • Milk Chocolate & Cardamom
  • Dark Chocolate & Cashew/Pistachio


The 28 and 40 piece sets include variations of these assortments, as well as classic pretzels coated in milk, dark, blond, and Ruby chocolates.

Ingredients: Pretzels, 34% white chocolate, 35% milk chocolate, 64% dark chocolate, 40% Ruby chocolate, 36% dulcey (blond) chocolate, Rose Rooh Afza, cashews, pistachios, cardamom.

Allergens: Nuts, gluten, lactose

Best before: 36 weeks

CHF 24.80