Love Box

Love Always with Julie Ordon

"Amour" is the unequivocal name chosen by the founder of Bretzel and Gretel for this delightful assortment of chocolate-covered pretzels.

The flavors, both aphrodisiac and indulgent, have been specially crafted for this Valentine's Day 2023. But after all, love hardly cares about dates...

For even more pleasure, the "Amour" chocolate-covered pretzels are also available in boxes of 28 and 40 pieces. A multitude of delicious variations to share together.


Box details:

  • Milk chocolate & mid chili
  • Dark chocolate & mid chili
  • White chocolate & strawberry and rose petals
  • Milk chocolate & strawberry and rose Petals
  • Dark chocolate & strawberry and rose Petals
  • White chocolate & candied ginger
  • Milk chocolate & candied ginger
  • Dark Chocolate & candied ginger

The 28 and 40 piece boxes consist of an assortment of these variations, as well as blond chocolate 36% & candied ginger.

Ingredients: Pretzels, white chocolate 34%, milk chocolate 35%, dark chocolate 64%, Ruby chocolate 40%, mid chili, candied ginger, strawberry & rose petals

Allergens: Traces of nuts, gluten, lactose, sesame, soy.

Best before: 36 weeks

CHF 24.80